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Lima Utapata

- Qui cultive trouve!-


In 2015, Mazao NGO established a partnership with the Kubunina programme, drawn up by the Italian NGO Avec PVS with the PMI-NIC (Project Management Institute). Mazao takes care of putting in place activities to ensure the programme’s sustainability.


Mazao NGO has engaged different partnerships with the rice-growers’ associations in Kamangu valley, Magenge, Kabalo, and Kabimba. These are farming associations and co-operatives which encourage local agricultural development through mutual agricultural aid and seed. Working in co-operation with these associations allows and facilitates a better integration and understanding of the background, between the Mazao team and the communities.


Moreover, by means of co-operation with local agricultural engineers, a richer technical and scientific exchange will be put in place. Traditional Congolese and European scientific ecological knowledge will be combined so as to find an innovative formula which is suitable for the chosen location.

La Casa degli Italiani is an association which brings Italians in Katanga together and favours cultural exchanges between the DRC and Italy. The association organises cultural, social, and philanthropic events. Thanks to them, Mazao agronomist Mr. André Kalilo has been able to participate in “Salone del Gusto- Terra Madre” held in Italy in 2015 and to follow a professional training in cheese making.  This could be realised thanks to the financial support given for travel and passport purposes by La Casa degli Italiani of Lubumbashi.

Mazao NGOD works in partnership with Slow Food and the rice Tule Na Bwana entered the Arca del Gusto catalogue in 2014.


Mazao NGOD works in partnership with the Japanese Academy of Agriculture Philosophy (APA), which enriches the organisation with its particular expertise in sustainable natural farming. The APA is a not-for-profit educational organisation, based in Japan and in Scotland, supporting a sustainable way of life through the practice of “Natural Farming”.

Salloga Ltd is a new generation of sustainable trader, commit to return (20%) of profit earn back to the benefit of all local food system stakeholders through Mazao NGO implementing partner. Salloga is Mazao's partner in the Moringa Project. 

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