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Fundraising Campaing

to Rebuild Tabac Congo SCHOOL!


A school “not” like the others...

With your support, a concrete change!

Let’s support education, let’s support the will to change the future, let’s support the spirit of solidarity of a school free from prejudice and open to everyone, let’s follow up the commitment supplied each day by the parents of Tabac Congo to support the education of their children, let’s show solidarity with those who have proven to be so before us.


Read the story...

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The story began 2 years ago in the Village of Tabac Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, when something unusual happened: two hostile ethnic groups, Bantu and Pygmy, decided to join together for a better aim:  the education of their children. They built a school made of straw and mug thanks to the guidance of a young and innovatory headmaster.

That’s how the Rafiki Institute was born, Rafiki in kiswahili means “Friend” , because every child of the village who needs an education is welcome to attend this school.

In Congo, Costs of the schools are high and the resources are few.

In December 2014 the Rafiki School met Kubunina Project, understood its philosophy and starts activities.

Kubunina Project gives new and useful tools  to children, teaching the base of Project Management,  tailored on children level, and gathering  together parents in committees to farm vegetables gardens,   under the guidance of a local agronomist,  and allow parents to afford children school fees.

Thanks to the regular effort of parents’ committee and the project support, parents managed to enlarge their garden and to pay their children schools fees.

Now they have an overwhelming structural problem: the school building made of straw and mug is going to collapse under the storms of the raining season, and every time that’s raining , children have to come back home in order not to get wet and sick because of the holes in the roof.


The good news is..... that we can change that!

We just need 12.500$ to build an acceptable school

Donate now and change the future of more than 200 children


A little act, a strong impact!

The school of Tabac Congo: one of many others, but “not” like all the others.



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