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Take part actively in our bank time

You want to support mazao’s projects in an active way ? You have capacities you want to bring and a bit of time you are ready to dedicate as a volunteer ? Chose YOUR way of acting and you are a part of Mazao’s projects!!!

What we need:


Expertise in ingeeniring, mecanic, technology...
 Frech,Italian and english translation
Web research
Social-business new projects
PhD Students 
 Logistic support 
Share knowledge
"Labour saving technology"​ partnership for development

What you get in return :

- Experience of collaboration with a development international organisation
- A certificate of participation in Mazao's project and an experience you will be able to put on your CV
- Your name and your picture (if you wish so) on our website
- You will be part of Mazao network and you will be able to exchange ideas with other members
- The possibility of coming to Congo and taking part in a field experience with rural families.

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