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Mazao Vision
Mazao Vision

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Our mission
“The Social Rice Supply Chain

Mazao NGO is currently running a program called “The Social Rice Supply Chain”  in the province of Tanganyika (Democratic Republic of Congo) :

This program works with 1000 family farmers whose primary source of revenue is rice production; and with 300 women rice retailers, with a rice polishing professional team, several transporters and many other Congoleses who benefit from this new model of supply chain. The program operates at three different levels:

1. By running agro-ecological participative trainings using techniques of ecological intensification (e.g System of Rice Intensification ) of natural resource management and conservation agriculture to raise yield and quality of crops while preserving soil and using less water and seeds.

2. By scaling up  the first “Social Supply chain”, an integrated and sustainable food system that bridges the gap between smallholder’s farmers and consumers and in which the chain overall income is more equally allocated  to all its stakeholders.  

3. By carrying out “Learning participative cycles”  at all level of the supply chain, gathering together producers, retailers, consumers, group leaders and many other chain’ stakeholders. Cross-communication between different groups and “ farmer to farmer pedagogy” target empowerment and community organisation as the keys to improve food security and actively finding solution to social related issues.

  1. Empowering beneficiary groups through the combined use of tools from different fields;

  2. Promoting of traditional knowledge through activities generating socioeconomic wealth;

  3. Promotion of and respect for local environmental heritage;

  4. Promotion of natural and sustainable food-producing agriculture;

  5. Encouraging active sociocultural participation by the individual in their community and the analysis of their own situation in life;

  6. Promoting popular art, street art, theatre, and dance;

  7. Youth and adult training











In Mazao ONGD vision, a development project which contemplates a variable of financial sustainability is able to understand the roots of the problems, people true needs and to plan long-term sustainability.


Mazao strives to fit its programs into hybrid structures of “profit  and non-profit” and it designs each project through and ecological stance.


In the “Likilimba of rice Program”, part of the revenue made by the processing plant is totally reinvested to support the operating expenses of the program. This self-financing structure enables the NGO to keep sustaining and supervising all its initial objectives, self-finance other projects and ensure the sustainability of the program and its impact indefinitely.