Who we are

Mazao is a NGOD (Non-governmental organization of Development).


It was created by two young Italian social entrepreneurs who wished to use social-business structures, participatory trainings and an agro-ecological approach as tools to support and encourage the auto-development of different Congolese groups.  


The ultimate objective is the emergence of organised and autonomous groups able to become actors of their own change while respecting the needs and differences of individuals and their environment.

The vision of Mazao is an improvement of the living conditions of and a wider range of “choices" and possibilities for each individual. Mazao continues to resea rch different tools and systems capable of realizing such a vision. The activities are decided in consultation with the beneficiaries and with their needs in mind, in relation to the most appropriate instruments for each situation and considering the promotion of each individual’s abilities.

Mazao NGOD projects use a wide range of tools such as methodologies of active education (non-formal and artistic), participatory theatre, socioecological enterprise, microcredit, and the traditional knowledge channeled towards activities which at once generate wealth and respect environmental heritage. Mazao NGOD aims to promote individual and community self-determination by facilitating the empowerment and to support the creation of a leadership capable of initializing new change initiatives.